Our services include not only the relocation of oversize in the country, but also the transport of machines from Germany. Forwarding and international transport are our speciality.

THE SCOPE OF INTERNATIONAL TRANSPORT SERVICES specializes in atypical transport throughout the European Union. We deal with efficient transport of machines from Germany to Poland, as well as transport from other countries, such as France, England, Ireland and Italy. We focus on professionalism and safety. By sticking to this, we are able to carry out the order within the set deadlines, without delays. We are succeeding in this, thanks to the experience of our employees. This is also thanks to our modern fleet, which is made up of vehicles perfectly adapted to all types of transport – we have containers, tarpaulins, refrigerators, curtains, low-body sets and Mega trailers. Full service, professional transport of devices or semi-trailers.


Our clients value an individual approach. Each case, regardless of whether we transport machines from Germany or another country, is treated separately, and we approach the planning of the entire project individually. Oversized transport always differs in details, even if it leads along a well-known route. That is why we are always vigilant. Low- loading transport of machines is common now!

The standard of our services is among absolutely the highest on the market, as confirmed by the opinions of our clients. We already have a lot of experience in low-loader transport from Germany, England, France and other EU countries. With each executed order, we try to improve the quality of services, which we are still successful. We believe that there are always elements that can be improved. To this end, we are constantly training ourselves to provide the best possible transport service!

We would not have established our position if it were not for the qualified staff that takes on the most difficult challenges every day. We have been cooperating with each other for years, and we have full confidence in each other, which translates into the trust of our clients. Our knowledge of foreign languages is also our advantage, which makes it much easier for us to contact our clients and contractors.

We approach the entrusted tasks comprehensively. When we prepare for oversized transport from Germany, we start work with obtaining the necessary permits and selecting the most appropriate vehicles. Then the route is mapped out. We also provide pilotage services during cargo transportation. Our customers can also count on efficient disassembly and assembly of machines in their destination.


We undertake oversize transport and low-loader transport from Germany and other countries of virtually any type of machinery. We will also efficiently relocate entire factories. Among the loads we transport, you will find, among others: excavators, dump trucks, combine harvesters, screens and many others. In addition to services related to the relocation of heavy equipment, we also deal with atypical transport, such as loose or chemical cargo, requiring transport in special silos.

In orders such as transporting machines from Germany to Poland, we have extensive experience, undertaking various tasks – both from individual and business customers. Contact us.