One of the flagship services of our company is the relocation of factories. This concept includes the disassembly of devices that we will have to transport, safe loading, cheap and efficient transport of devices and reassembly at the destination, installation of production and industrial lines, all this is within our offer. You can be sure that we will provide a service covering all the steps needed for the smooth relocation of the factory. We do not limit only to quickly transporting cargo from point A to point B. That is why we are better than competing companies. The most important thing for us is the goodness of the client.

What distinguishes our company is the comprehensive approach to relocating the factory. Many years of experience in these activities have enabled us to get a thorough understanding of the difficulties involved. This knowledge made it possible to develop optimal methods of operation. We offer the performance of all activities that guarantee the efficient relocation of the industrial plant along with the relocation of production lines, while ensuring that the transported items and devices are fully operational.

For this purpose, we will conduct a detailed inventory of the equipment in the first stage. It will allow to assess the condition and condition of machines, and on this basis to implement steps securing the transported machines and equipment. An in-depth analysis of the documentation and its verification with the actual state will enable safe disassembly of the devices to be transported, and above all, disconnecting electrical cables and pipelines, and then proper marking and protection of the area. The complexity of the course of this procedure makes the relocation of factories a challenge that can only be met by many years of practice. We will develop the most advantageous route of transport so that it runs quickly and efficiently. Relocation of production lines also takes into account property insurance. We offer assistance in assembly works. Moving factories requires planning many aspects, and thanks to a thorough examination of all existing difficulties and adapting professional security works to them, we guarantee the highest quality.

We take up every challenge and take care of the details, therefore we will not hesitate to accept the order to relocate production lines, lathes, milling machines, guillotines, injection moulding machines. They will be safe in our company. We have been relocating factories for years, and we only employ those who are able to meet the standards tailored to your requirements. Our experience and specialized equipment enable the timely completion of each order, regardless of the degree of complexity. We are assisted at work by jacks, lifts, trolleys, low-loader semi-trailers, platforms / logs, cars with HDS, Mega-type semi-trailers.


Moving a production line is a complex process, the success of which depends on many details. First, the transfer of both a single machine and the entire fleet of specialized devices should start with planning activities that will enable obtaining optimal results. The best thing to do is to trust the specialists who have the right. The most important thing is to be able to implement the previously agreed schedule, you must have the necessary technical and human resources. Without them, even the best plan will be useless.

We operate hastily, and when using our services, you do not have to worry about failure. We will start with disassembly activities, then load the devices into appropriately adapted vehicles, and then transport them. The list of our duties also includes the unloading of the transported machines to the facilities at the new address. We will take care of appropriate relocation and arrangement, levelling, assembly (technological and electrical) and commissioning of the production line. We perform all activities with the use of professional equipment, we also do not forget about transport security. With help of specialists, you can be sure that the transfer will take place no trouble and will not affect the operation of the plant.

During the relocation of production and industrial lines, our training and permits, such as the permit for oversize transport, are useful. When carrying out orders for the relocation of lines, we put the safety of both people and machines in the first place. Adaptation to health and safety requirements does not delay our work in any way. We simply like what we do in the world, and in the company of crushers or CNC milling machines, we find each other perfectly, which translates into the quality of services and your satisfaction. The confirmation of our success in relocating production equipment is the growing list of satisfied customers.

We approach the matter very professionally, and we treat every order individually. We are aware that relocation of production lines is a process in which there is no room for errors. In addition to a professional approach to the tasks performed, we can boast of high timeliness.

Contact details can be found, among others, at the top of the page or in the CONTACT tab. We encourage you to contact us some time in advance, as such relocation is an extremely complex task and requires careful planning in advance. Our service in this area includes mechanical preparation and transport!