The popularity of clean energy contributes to the steady growth of interest in building new wind farms. Powerful, technological advanced components for the construction of windmills should often be transported over long distances, taking care not only of the safety of the equipment itself, but also of all people and the entire infrastructure along the route. We offer professional assistance in the transport of windmills. The most profitable option is road transport. We offer the transport of such elements as pipes, towers or wind turbines, as well as other oversized parts. You can see for yourself! We operate in Poland and Europe.


For us, the transport of windmills has no secrets. During our many years of activity, we have often completed many such orders, always safely and, of course, on time. We have adapted vehicles with which drivers easily reach their destination. We not only have the right fleet to carry out such tasks, but also a team of experienced drivers ready to take on even the most difficult tasks. We have carried out orders for both companies and wind farms. We transport windmills as part of comprehensive services, dealing not only with the transport itself, but also with loading and unloading, route planning, obtaining appropriate permits and preparing the road infrastructure for oversized car transport. We have trailers of appropriate length, adapted to transport such loads. We invite you to take advantage of our offer of professional transport of windmills and wind farms.