As Gabaryty.net, we undertake oversized transports in Scandinavia. The main destinations are Sweden, Norway and Finland. Efficient service is ensured by locations in Poland and Germany, we are able to efficiently pick up shipments from any address in these countries.

Of course, we also provide our special transport services outside of Scandinavia. We organize transport from Germany, France and Great Britain. When preparing oversized transport to Scandinavia, our clients can count on help from the moment of loading the goods to final transport and unloading. The entire process is handled by an experienced team. Our employees are fully dedicated to their tasks and carry them out with genuine passion, which is noticed by customers who come back to us. Importantly, our drivers know the languages, which facilitates communication with contractors and improves the entire transport.

Gabaryty.net in Scandinavia organizes cyclical transports of non-standard loads, such as general cargo. We even travel to distant corners of Sweden, Norway and Finland throughout the year. Shipments handled by our drivers can be constantly monitored thanks to GPS / GPRS devices.


Fast and efficient transport of the shipment to the entire Scandinavia is no problem for us. We collect the goods every day, except Sundays and holidays. Our experience allows us to plan the route of oversized transport around Scandinavia so that we rarely experience any delay in the execution of the order. Which is all the easier because we have a really modern fleet, and we are not afraid of any challenge. We are specialized and experienced, so we are able to avoid all risks and at the same time reduce transport costs. We transport:

  • industrial pallets,
  • logs
  • non-palletized goods.

The areas that are not very friendly in winter have been mastered by experienced drivers from Gabaryty.net. In this way, our clients have access to our services all year round, regardless of whether it is oversized transport or the transport of other types of cargo, such as bulk materials. If you want to be sure that the machines will reach their destination on time, please contact us.