The company specializes in the transport of agricultural machinery. In accordance with the highest standards, we provide our services throughout the country and beyond. The scope of services also includes the transport of agricultural machinery from England, Ireland, France, Italy and Germany.

In order to be fully satisfied, we recommend contacting our office as soon as possible. The transport of agricultural tractors or other heavy equipment is a logistically demanding undertaking, therefore the earlier you submit the appropriate instructions, the more reliable the implementation at the time chosen by you. The easiest way to contact us will be the form on the website.

What distinguishes our company is, among others:

  • very attractive prices compared to the competition – they apply not only to domestic transport, we also offer affordable prices for the transport of agricultural machinery from England to Poland, Ireland, France and other EU countries
  • short time of transporting machines,
  • piloting with own cars,
  • full transport of agricultural equipment (transport of tractors, combines, tractors and other agricultural machinery)

Aiming at the high quality of transporting agricultural machinery, we also provide liability insurance of the carrier.



A specialized fleet and readiness to explain every complexity of our services allowed us to gain the trust of a large group of regular customers. We encourage you to join this group, which can be done by contacting our office. Please use the contact details if you are interested in:

  • transport of agricultural tractors,
  • transport of the combine harvester (cereals, potatoes, beetroots, etc.),
  • transport of cultivators, mowers or mower-shredder.’s help will also be invaluable if you are interested in fast transport of agricultural machinery from England, France, Ireland, Italy and Germany to Poland, including the transport of combines. We can professionally deliver from abroad such devices as threshers, sprayers, self-propelled forage harvesters, rakes, feed wagons, cultivators, tedders, bale pickers, rollers, seeders, silage spreaders, spreaders, spreaders, etc. In addition to the popular transport of tractors from the West, we also specialize in the transport of agricultural trailers and loaders. When planning the transport of agricultural machinery, we are guided by ensuring the safety of the devices. We guarantee the transport of agricultural equipment with delivery in the condition in which it was taken. We operate comprehensively!