Special transport

The Gabaryty.net company provides all services that fall under the concept of specialized transport. It focuses mainly on the transport of oversize cargo. So we transport all loads that exceed the standards, allowing for road transport without special permits. We accept orders:

  • relocation of construction and agricultural machinery,
  • transport of heavy loads, including containers,
  • transport of factories (disassembly, transport and assembly at the destination),
  • transport of non-standard goods, as well as vehicles and motor boats.

Apart from the transport itself, we organize all necessary permits for special transport. During the order itself, we also provide professional pilotage. We watch over the entire process, from conceptual work to execution. We care about the safety of both transported goods and road users. We provide high quality of service both for domestic and international orders. As a result, specialized transport is characterized by full professionalism regardless of the route. As a result of many years of activity, we can assure you that we know planning and that we have prepared scenarios of conduct also in crisis situations. We provide certain services in the field of domestic and international forwarding.


  • transport of agricultural and construction machinery,
  • transportation of heavy loads,
  • demanding transport of specialized goods, also of non-standard weight or dimensions,
  • organization of permits for the transport of oversized cargo,
  • professional pilotage of oversized transport,
  • comprehensive organization of loading and unloading of goods.

Transport specialists

We have the necessary experience that allows us to transport special loads on time, regardless of the circumstances. We fulfill our obligations, therefore we can count on long-term cooperation with our contractors from Poland and abroad. Thanks to this, the transport of goods always reaches the right destination, which is especially important in the case of international specialized transport. When carrying out orders, we take into account individual customer expectations. Based on many years of experience of our employees, we offer comprehensive support in the field of specialized transport and we are able to offer competitive prices. It is worth taking advantage of our offer to be sure that the special transport will be carried out at the highest level. We invite people interested in the transport of various goods, including oversized ones, to contact us and establish cooperation.

What does specialized transport include?

In the case of specialized or road transport in Poland and abroad, we can talk about the relocation of various atypical loads, such as:
  • windmills (e.g. for wind farms),
  • motor boats and yachts,
  • loose materials, such as various types of granules, starches or other chemical products.

We ensure the safety of the transport of this type of material, using specialized silos, thanks to which the load is tightly closed and protected against external factors.

In addition to professional strictly transport services, we also provide advice on the entire logistics base. Our offer in the field of forwarding also focuses on professional consulting. We also mediate in discussions between the client and relevant institutions, such as the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways. If necessary, we apply for a change in traffic organization and we will also dismantle the road infrastructure.


Therefore, when looking for specialists who will provide you with the best transport of the yacht, structural elements of wind farms or any other loads with larger dimensions and unusual dimensions, please contact us. We carry out orders in Poland, and we decide to transport a variety of cargoes internationally, including motor boats. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the entire offer.