Large yachts are certainly oversized cargo and their transport requires not only appropriate equipment, but also a professional approach and extensive experience. For us, transporting a yacht is not a problem, regardless of the size of the boat, its weight and the distance it needs to be transported. We have modern equipment to carry out such tasks, we have great drivers, professional pilot vehicles (if only it is necessary to use them), and all this necessary for the transport of permits.


Transporting bulky loads is not the easiest process. There is no need to convince anyone that the transport of yachts is a logistical challenge, and for this reason, before we start planning the process, we must familiarize ourselves with the basic data of the vessel. We will need detailed information about your boat. In order to secure effectively and carry out the transport of a yacht, first, we must know its exact dimensions. Therefore, please check the manufacturer’s documentation carefully and send us the dimensions as well as the weight of the unit. These elements determine the selection of the appropriate transport fleet. Determining the optimal route of transport is of key importance. The transport of yachts may encounter various problems, e.g. the prohibition of large vehicles from entering a given road, too low height under the viaduct or repairs on some sections of the route. Our forwarders will carefully prepare the best communication route so that the transport takes place efficiently, quickly and legally.


Our transport services include yachts guarantee the highest level of safety not only thanks to the fact that we have all the licences required by law and employ the best drivers. It is also full liability insurance packages of the carrier, as well as a great fleet, which we constantly modernize and, above all, we care about its perfect technical condition. Our services are characterized by:

  • full timely deliveries;
  • the highest level of security;
  • specialized accessories for attaching yachts to semi-trailers;
  • bargain prices;
  • comprehensive technical support, if needed;
  • international transport coverage.


We are not only a modern and well-equipped transport company, but also enjoying great trust in the market, not only in terms of yacht transport. We will make sure that the yachts arrive at their destination in perfect condition and that their transportation does not cost much money. We always plan routes very precisely and try to choose the best possible options to meet all the expectations of our clients.

We invite you to take a look with our services. The yacht transport is always priced individually, based on the distance to be covered or the size of the boat itself. We encourage you to contact our consultants. We will not only prepare a full price list for the service, but also provide our technical support.