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Do you need dimensional transport? Do you want to efficiently, cheaply and, above all, safely transport oversized cargo? Excessive transport? We provide such services. Trust us. We are not afraid of heavy cargo. We use special vehicles for this purpose. Give us an order for international transport! By using the services of professionals, you can be sure of the appropriate transport of dimensions, of any type. We provide international oversize transport in a huge area of Europe. We have a modern fleet, including large-size trailers and low-loaders adapted to road transport. Professional delivery requires trailers of appropriate sizes. We have equipment which, width and height are adjusted to the transport of various large-size loads. Our many years of experience in the industry translates into high security of all dimensioned transport, regardless of its scale.

As part of comprehensive services, the oversized transport company offers, among others:

  • road transport of specialized, heavy equipment, such as construction machinery or agricultural tractors;
  • even removals of the largest industrial plants, factories, warehouses and much more;
  • professional cargo securing for transport;
  • international oversized transport



Our employees are, of course, also responsible for the entire logistics of such transport. The organization of bulky and special types of transport requires knowledge and experience. Our services meet various standards, thanks to which loads are transported safely and on time, regardless of their dimensions. Thanks to the offer of our transport company, you can obtain all the permits necessary for the movement of bulky goods on public roads. We also adjust the road infrastructure on the route, we have experienced pilots responsible for safety and, of course, we load and unload all large-scale transports on our own.

Take a look with our offer. We will undertake even the most difficult orders, always taking a professional and comprehensive approach to oversized transport entrusted to us, also on an international scale.



Thanks to many years of presence in the industry, we have gained not only valuable experience, but also a network of business clients, thanks to which we can operate effectively throughout Europe. We are specialists in this field. The offer includes the transport of goods, equipment and devices that are oversized and those that require special loading and handling. We carry out orders for elements of wind farms, we are also familiar with foreign logistics, including to the countries of the West and East. Another advantage is modern equipment and a fleet of trucks suitable for the most difficult large-size transport tasks. They allow for safe oversized transport.

We are specialists in road transport, in its organization and implementation, which benefits people using our services. We care about comprehensive compliance with the relevant regulations and proper traffic planning. They enable oversized transport to be carried out safely and on time You can be sure that your low loader transport is in safe hands. Transport services throughout the country! We have specialized equipment!