Do you operate in the countries of Eastern Europe? Take advantage of transport from the East and the East. Our specialization in this field is the transport of goods from Russia to Belarus. Extensive knowledge, many years of experience and a network of business contacts make us operate in an effective and safe manner. Another priority is the lead time – we are doing our best to ensure that the delivery date is as short as possible.

Our headquarters is located in Łódź, which is the logistic center of Poland. In this city, the two most important communication routes intersect that connect the East and West, as well as the North and the South. We use the optimal location for the best possible transport of loads. We have professional vehicles that enable the transport of various goods, including loose or bulky products. We carefully select drivers who will be responsible for the implementation of your order. We provide comprehensive transport from the East to Poland and other European countries.


Our offer includes:

  • direct transport from the sender to the recipient,
  • transport with reloading at our point in Łódź,

Storage of goods

  • transport of ADR (dangerous) goods,
  • customs handling of orders.

We travel to Eastern Europe and Asia, to countries such as: Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Mongolia and Kyrgyzstan. If necessary, we also organize rail transport in cooperation with trusted forwarders.