Transportation of oversized cargo

Logistics related to the transport of goods that exceed transport standards requires activity in many fields. Large-size transport depends on many legal conditions, therefore only a professional company can handle them. Non-normative transport requires appropriate permits and properly trained staff. It is an activity that requires planning of many aspects as well as effective cooperation with other institutions, e.g. the road manager or the police. This is why such a complex process as oversized transport starts with planning. It is an extremely logistically complex undertaking. When we receive an order for oversize transport, we first need to carefully trace potential routes, prepare specialized equipment and deal with all necessary permits. After selecting a vehicle capable of safely transporting oversized cargo, we can proceed with the proper transport. It is handled by the experienced department of oversized transport as part of the GABARYTY oversized product. Our team employs employees who have already faced various difficulties on the route. We are able to react to really surprising situations, which is why we provide such efficient oversized transport along with the organization of loading and unloading, obtaining special permits and providing escort service in the country and abroad.

How is the transport of oversize cargo?

The terms oversized and oversized transport are used alternately. They mean moving goods that exceed their size and weight standards, allowing you to move on the road without the need for special permits. In order to close the transport of oversized cargo within certain specific frames, oversize transport is considered to be the transport of cargo whose dimensions exceed:

  • total length 16.50 m
  • width 2.50 m
  • height 4.00 m.

The weight of such a load usually exceeds 42 tons.

Oversized transport – how to plan logistics?

The work of the team is multi-stage. This starts with carefully planning the safest route. To choose the optimal one, you need to take into account such elements as:

  • width of roads or passages under bridges and viaducts,
  • presence of signs and poles along the route,
  • the maximum allowable vehicle pressure on the surface,
  • the presence of such communication obstacles as e.g. roundabouts, etc.

All logistic works, due to their specificity, require cooperation with the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways. The institution is able to inform us about possible difficulties on the route, which allows you to plan the road in such a way as to avoid them. We always choose a path that allows the transportation of oversized cargo to be quick and to the highest safety standards.

Difficulties in the transport of oversized cargo

The presence of road obstacles on the route affects the final cost and time of cargo transportation. Abnormal transport must first of all take into account road possibilities and obstacles that are elements of the surroundings and architectural solutions (e.g. the presence of viaducts, road narrowings, etc.). In Poland, the first problem that must be faced is the poor condition of the road surface. You have to bear in mind the adversities that appear on the road during the transport of oversized cargo in road and road transport, which force changes in the route to avoid the renovated sections. However, even if it is in good condition, our team often faces challenges such as the need to remove road obstacles, such as road signs. Also, roundabouts, pedestrian refuges, islets seen as amenities from the driver’s or pedestrian’s perspective, are obstacles from the perspective of those who organize cargo transport. Every such element must be taken into account, every detail counts. In Poland, you also have to deal with fees for special permits. Theoretically, in the entire European Union, charges should be independent of the length of the travel route and the total parameters of the transport set with the load. However, in practice, it turns out that in Poland these parameters affect the final amount of fees and while in the EU they are in the range between several dozen and 200 EURO, in the country they can reach up to several thousand with the largest loads. The experienced staff of our forwarders perfectly know all the difficulties encountered in oversized transport. This knowledge allows you to find solutions that will eliminate the problem. Non-normative transport is no mean feat. We are not afraid of oversize! Our company is open to all orders, including international, heavy and road transport. We have all the required documents. Good organization in terms of the company. Contact us to provide services.