We have been perfecting the transport of construction machinery for many years. The combination of the experience of our employees, high-class equipment and enthusiasm for work puts at the forefront of companies dealing with relocation of construction and agricultural machinery. We use proven solutions, but we do not stand still and look for improvements in our work during specialized training courses. This allows us to prove that transporting construction machinery can be safe and on time. Therefore, enjoys the trust of many regular customers. Without any hesitation, they put their equipment under our care, regardless of the complexity of the order. Safe and quick relocation of machines is not a problem for us. We undertake every task – neither traffic jams nor locations that are difficult to access stop us from completing on time. We are professionals in the transport of machines, and we simply like doing it in the world. 

Our Services include:

  • transport of construction machinery, such as rollers, pile drivers, crushers or bulldozers,
  • transport of tracked excavators, wheeled excavators, backhoe loaders, loaders
  • transportation of printing machines,
  • relocation of agricultural machinery (e.g. combine harvesters, forage harvesters, agricultural tractors,
  • oversized and low-loader transport,
  • forest machines,
  • transport of platforms, lifts, mobile platforms, cranes


We also specialize in moving machines intended for earthworks, which is why we are an invaluable partner for investors. We work with both corporate clients and private individuals. As, we also help in the relocation of machines for soil compaction or aggregate processing. Our assortment also includes:

  • transport of production and transport of concrete mass,
  • equipment for road works.

Regardless of whether it is the transport of construction machinery or the transport of excavators, our services are characterized by efficiency, speed of implementation and, above all, the safety of the transported equipment. We value the time of our contractors, we know that losing it means lowering work efficiency, and thus also a decrease in income. We make every effort to ensure that the relocation of machines reduces the downtime in the company to a minimum. We place the good of our clients at the highest level in the hierarchy of values. We are aware that the transport of construction machinery, including transport of excavators must take place as soon as possible, and we guarantee that the time needed for this process.


The main task is the reliable transport of construction machines from point A to point B. The scope of our work does not end there. We take care of all the necessary stages of the process preparation that guarantee the safe transfer of machines. The process starts with helping you get all the necessary permits. We also provide consultations on the selection of the optimal route. Our task is also to select a vehicle that will be able to transport the machines safely to their destination. A very difficult task is also to adapt of the road infrastructure during the journey. We deal with the transfer of machines and transport in Poland and Europe. Maintaining all safety features, professional work and execution in accordance with our experience. Relocation of machines and devices is not a problem!

WHOM IS OUR OFFER FOR?’s offer should arouse the interest of companies and people looking for reliable business partners. Why is that? ensure timely execution of orders, if we have declared that we will transport the excavator by the end of the week, we will do everything we can to make it happen. Therefore, we encourage every client who cares about the success of their business to contact us, regardless of whether you are a private entrepreneur or a large company. We have been relocating machines for years, and we know how to do it effectively and safely. Transporting construction machinery is our bread and butter!